It’s Not Funny WHEN It Happens

When my son, Erik was 8, he was still in diapers. We had tried everything to potty-train him. Seriously, if there was a method, we had tried it; but still, no success. Then, right in the middle of Church one day… it happened. A smell that could only be described as an evil spirit wafted down our isle. That’s right, you guessed it. The smell coming from Erik was… well, let’s just say we had the worst smelling pew known to man… and God. It may have been best described as a pew-poo. From 4 kids away, my wife Shelly contorted her nose, turned towards me and with watering eyes, quietly mouthed to me, “Oh, my Gosh, is that Erik?” After I quietly mouthed back to her that it sure WASN’T ME, she – without saying a word, and with just a look – helped me to understand that the time was NOW to take him out and change him. Continue reading

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MEN… It’s Time to Serve. And LOVE It.

Read at your own risk. This is personal and deep (for me) but I feel compelled. So, here you go.

Early on in my wife’s pregnancy with our twins, I had a horrifying thought.  Now, you should know that I have different types of good, bad and meaningless thoughts all the time. Usually, I simply try to put the bad ones out of my mind and usually, I simply forget. Then I assume it’s just a random thought. When I DON’T forget, however, I typically start to pay more attention and address the thought and “do something about it.” Maybe it’s just me, but I’d like to think there is a higher power communicating with me and moving me in different directions. I’d like to think. Continue reading

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It’s NOT What You Think. It’s What You THINK About What You Think.

Awhile back I had an experience that I shared that got me a lot of feedback – more specifically – many people wanted to know HOW I was able to stand my ground and not allow myself to be ostracized by those who were unaware Erik and Ricky were affected by autism. It can be hard when it seems like everyone is judging you without knowing what you’re dealing with. Continue reading

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I’m Starting to Look Forward To It!?

I really do believe that adversity makes us stronger. But something happened to me recently that’s freaking me out a bit; AND, is starting to make me think – AGAIN – that I may be a bit… well, a bit OFF. Continue reading

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Morale Man

A few weeks ago after my wife told me I wasn’t as friendly as I used to be, I decided to start something new and christened myself, “Morale Man.” You can mentally create a costume if you’d like – I know I did (just mentally) – but “Morale Man’s” results so far have been too miraculous not to share. Continue reading

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More Church Fun

Apparently Ricky made a “splash” in Sunday School “sharing time” yesterday. This is what I heard from a few of the Sunday School teachers who approached me and told me AFTER it had happened. As the chorister was attempting to teach the kids the basics of leading music, she waved her hand in unison with the music and – as choristers do – said, “One, Two, Three, Four.” To which Ricky piped up and said in a louder than necessary voice, “I Declare a Thumb War!”

Thank goodness they were smiling when they relayed the story to me and were referring to the situation as “A Hoot.”

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Constructive Kidicism

My 2 oldest boys, 17 and 19 are very smart. Obviously, most parents would SAY that. But those 2 suckers did something this weekend SO smart that they had me questioning myself. Here’s the most interesting thing. They were so “productive” in the way they approached their criticism of me that I didn’t know what they had done UNTIL I started looking in to how to fix myself.

First, let me tell you about the flaw in my character they exposed. Continue reading

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I Cry Alone

I’m a man. Which means I’m supposed to be the strong one, the one that is the rock, the one that others can turn to if they need “lifting up.” And I like to think I do a fairly good job of motivating and encouraging others when they need it. But I have a confession to make. Continue reading

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Rock, Paper, POOP?!

Frequently, before they are “completely ready” for the school bus, Erik and Ricky like to play, “rock, paper, scissors.” It’s a bit aggravating for me since they aren’t ready yet and are avoiding getting dressed, or brushing their teeth, etc.etc. I usually say, “Stop that, until after you’re all ready for school.”

Today, after my “scolding” for playing before they were ready for school and AFTER they finally got ready, Ricky said, “Can we play rock, paper, scissors now?” Not thinking very clearly I proclaimed, “I don’t care if you play rock, paper, POOP, now that you are ready to go.” Erik and Ricky started giggling so hard they almost missed the bus.

But that’s not the worst part… NOW, they have hand signals, for rock, for paper, for scissors… AND for POOP! What have I done?

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Bad Food

Usually I’m very careful when packing Erik and Ricky’s lunch. RICKY gets a ham sandwich, ERIK gets PB&J… because YOU KNOW what kind of turmoil can ensue if I get it wrong. So guess what I did this morning? That’s right, I switched em. Dangit!

Luckily, Ricky’s teacher called me with time to spare before lunch. So… I had the chance to make it all right. Here’s the good news. Both Erik and Ricky are now in possession of the “right” lunch, I got to see each of them at school – and they both smiled at me (REALLY BIG SMILES) and my wife – who couldn’t take care of it because she was in a meeting – thinks I’m the “cat’s meow.”

All in all – crisis diverted and a pretty good day.

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You CAN’T Have Everything You Want.

Huh? What? You mean all those self-help books are wrong? You mean that if I REALLY… REALLY put my mind to it, no matter how hard I try there are some things that I cannot make happen? You mean Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Dennis Waitley, Dale Carnegie, Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar and thousands of other success guru’s are pulling our legs? Really?

Yep… that’s what I’m saying. Continue reading

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